Gary Buckels - Acoustic guitar and vocals

Gary is a sixth generation Floridian. On a Thursday in early 2004, he temporarily filled in on guitar for Timmy and fit right in. So he became a Pirate. At ten years of age he started piano lessons, and then progressed to guitar, trumpet, tuba, French horn, and drums. He’s been making music in New Smyrna Beach since his days in the NSB High School Marching Band. He is also a state certified building and roofing contractor. His parents opened the first surf shop in New Smyrna, Coronado Surf Shop, in June 1967.

  John Rogers - Drums and vocals

John has been playing the Central Florida music scene since the 80’s. In the 90’s he moved to Los Angeles for a spell where he drummed with rock legends Carlos Cavalos (Quiet Riot) and Tommy Gervin (Eddie Money Band). He also worked with several casino show bands in Las Vegas and had served as a part-time Pirate the last few years before attaining full buccaneer status.

  Wayne Bishop - Bass guitar and vocals
Wayne, the newest member of The Pirates, comes to us with a full musical career.  He's no new comer to the area, playing with the Rob Taylor jazz quartet in the 70's, and dance band Satellite in the 80's in the Daytona area.  Wayne has played bass for The Coasters, The Drifters, The Platers and other acts as a side man.  He also enjoys playing "old hippy " music on guitar as a solo act.  After teaching music for 28 years in Eastern Kentucky, Wayne now resides in Port Orange.

      Timmy Probst                   John Hostetter                       Bill Games

The Original Pirates have all taken their final trip on the Magic Ship.  We shall miss their creativity, their laughter, the power of their voices, and the generosity of their loving spirits.  Each was truly one of a kind.

Fortunately they left us with some really great songs that we'll go right on playing to keep them forever alive in our hearts and minds.


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