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Jimmy likes his work

7th anniversary show

Our gang

Piratehead Queens

Bill Probst, Timmy's Dad

Byron sits in and rocks out

A guitar playing Gary is a happy Gary

There will be cake

Justin getting right on down

Billy explains himself

It's a jungle out there

Captain John Acosta...a complicated man

Pirates in space

The inimitable Tommy Brown

The Pirates rockin' the vets
Pirates in repose

I tawt I taw a twailer twash goil


Justin just got flashed!

Dale...our cabin boy kicks it

The latest in Pirate footwear

The Tiki Bar at Twilight

Pirates in Paradise

Timmy looks afraid of John's hat.

The Pirates at the Redfish Classic in New
Smyrna Beach on October 30 opening for
Jefferson Starship and Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Donald Trump on acid - You're Wired!


In the beginning...

What was that next chord?!?

The boys with Brenda the bartenda

Timmy takes a lead

Rockin' The Float...Xmas That Is

Gary goes for the high note

The Pirates at Peanut's

Twilight at Captain Bill's

Dick, Rummy and W. dress up as their favorite band, The Pirates, for Halloween

Bill in his kitchen


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